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          About SYMA

          In 1961, the actual Chairman of the board and founder of SYMA, Marcel Str?ssle, laid the foundation for a pioneering system development in exhibition stand construction.

          During the initial phase, exhibition stands were static and inflexible. Reconstructions or modifications were only feasible with involved and expensive work. Then SYMA opened up the playing field with a sophisticated standardization of common products, for the repeated use of construction components.

          Individually interchangeable modules opened up a wide variety of design forms, and with the launch of various high-tech innovations, SYMA revolutionized exhibition stand construction. The development of new components and systems for exhibition stand construction, shop constructions, vitrines and museum equipment has developed over the years as a worldwide SYMA core competence.

          Since 1971, SYMA has been putting its own systems to use also as service provider for the exhibition stand branch. Whether for hire or for purchase – SYMA conceives, plans and realizes exhibition projects from the small modular stand right up to elaborate, large design-oriented structures. This dual strategy is an important success factor at SYMA, and is based on two complimentary service levels. On one hand are the system components for long-term repeated use, and on the other, the full-service business area for custom exhibition solutions, all from one source. An ongoing flow of information ensures that customer needs and market conditions can be recognized early on, and that carefully coordinated solutions can always be offered.

          syma employees

          "When you trust in SYMA, you are always optimally prepared for the future!"

          In over 60 countries SYMA maintains a strong, global network with subsidiaries, partners and licensed agents, who all are ative today in many countries as market leaders. SYMA group employs over 750 employees in Europe and Asia. Only in Europe around 250 are employed, thereof 140 in the headquarter of Kirchberg.



          New Events

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