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          From Messe Frankfurt Italia S.r.l.

          Back to Italy after Intertextile Shanghai I would like to express my satisfaction and appreciate the job made from Syma for the Italians Your team was very helpful and of course I appreciate to have dedicated staff onsite like Chris who supported us in a very professional way Let's keep in touch and see you soon perhaps here in Milano or again at our different textile shows in Greater China...

          from messe frankfurt italia


          From DECHEMA:

          "Today after we could finish the last work for ACHEMASIA 2001, we once again would like to express our sincerest to you and all your team for providing such a excellent service on the occasion of ACHEMASIA 2001..."

          from dechema


          From MILLER FREEMAN:

          "Our colleagues from the travel department have returned from the Shanghai show and were most complimentary regarding the look of the stand and the service and attention provided by SYMA on-site. We much appreciate the work you put into this project, particulary with the many changes that we requested a short time befor the show..."

          from miller freeman


          From HANNOVER - GERMANY:

          "Though it is quite late I still would like to thank you for your exellent work and reliable cooperation for the a.m. event. I appreciate this especially as I know about the difficult working circumstances in Korea.

          Furthermore I would like to thank one of your collegues, Cheryl, for her personal assistance and help during the whole show.She has shown great interest and proved to be very competent in handing exhibitor's requests as well. The Syma team has always been aroun and I would like to ask you to thank them all in my name once again."

          from hannover germany


          From umicore - GERMANY:

          We start working with SYMA in 1999 at the Auto China in Shanghai. Since this time a lot of stands was made. From the first time we had a very good contact. The people of SYMA understand their clients. They listen to the customers needs and care about our staff on-site during set-up, exhibition period and dismantling.

          from umicore germany



          Quality Management System Certificate: ISO 9001:2000

          iso9001 200



          Honor Prize for the Decoration of the National Film Museum

          Credential Letter from The State Administration of Radio, Film and Television (January, 2007)

          "To SYMA Beijing : We thank you for your contribution for the decoration of National Film Museum ."

          prize national film museum



          New Events

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