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          Equipment & Facilities

          Electronic Beam Saw (with programmable panel pusher)

          electronic beam saw


          • Suitable for high volume and precise cutting.
          • With air-floatation outfeed table for the protection of panel surface.
          • Use to cut large size of wood panel.
          • High cutting speed.


          CNC (Computer numeric control) Work Center Cutting



          • Computer numeric control for cutting, groove and drilling on the wood panel in one process.
          • Automatic convert CAD file into operate system.
          • SYMA is one of the few companies to have CNC work center in the field.
          • With automatic tool changer to make sure the maximum utilization of processing.


          Automatic Edge Banding Machine

          automatic edge banding machine


          • Processes include applying hot-melt glue, laminating, pressing, end trimming, top and bottom trimming and buffing in one passage.
          • Laminate high quality edge to wall panels, table tops, shelves, etc.


          Double Mitre Saw for Aluminum Profile (LED)

          double mitre saw


          • With Hydro-pneumatic saw feed.
          • Double cutting head with 0-45o cutting.
          • Vertical and horizontal clamps for material.


          Gluing Spreading Machine

          gluing spreading machine


          • Application of glue onto the panel surfaces by gluing roller.
          • Give even surface of glue before laminating.


          Circular Saw with Aluminum Carriage

          circular saw


          • Cut custom-sized products.
          • Cut Panel without chipping.
          • Panel surfaces can be protected.
          • Cutting angle tilted at 0-46o.


          Computerized Multi-axis Drilling Machine

          computerized drilling machine


          • Make vertical and horizontal holes on panel.
          • Boring capacity up to 80 holes in one cycle.
          • It is high precision and one of the most important equipments in producing board furniture.


          Automatic Line

          automatic line


          • Suitable for PVC, wood paper and decorative paper. Processes include brushing, glue spreading, laminating, heating and pressing.
          • Automatic temperature adjustment.
          • High speed and good quality.


          Radial Arm Saw

          radial arm saw


          • High precision and low noise.
          • Cross cutting and mitre cutting for wood, plastic and aluminum material.


          Thicknessing Planet

          thicknessing planet


          • Ensure the accuracy of the production of wood.
          • For give the exact thickness and smooth surface of wood.


          Cold Press

          cold press


          • Special facility for panel surfaces pressing.
          • For pressing laminate, PVC, wood veneer and paper for the panel.
          • With pressure regulation for hydraulic cylinder.
          • Maximum pressure up to 90 ton.



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