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          SYMA Holding AG is the parent company of the SYMA Group. It expands its worldwide market position with its own subsidiaries and holdings in companies related to the branch. In addition, SYMA Holding AG coordinates the worldwide marketing of the system technology with distributors and partner companies. The Group Management, which is directly subordinated to the Board of Directors, is responsible for realizing the specified objectives. This body also coordinates the operations of the worldwide market.


          True to its slogan "The world's local exhibition company", the parent office in Kirchberg works in an important interchange capacity in contact with subsidiaries, distributors and partners throughout the world. Experience is exchanged on an ongoing basis in an open dialogue, and valuable synergies are derived. SYMA utilizes the local roots of the subsidiaries to detect signals from the market early on, and to adapt optimally to changing market conditions. This high level of flexibility, in addition to the years of trust in SYMA products, is a part of the growing worldwide success of SYMA.



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