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        1. Special Design | 2018

          In today's media-saturated and design-savvy marketplace, stand design involves both art and science, idealism and realism, humanistic and naturalistic aspects. Design teams must have the enthusiasm of artists and the preciseness of scientists in order to bring together concepts, materials, technologies, colors, sound, and light, combining these elements into unique concepts that inspire curiosity and interest.

          At SYMA Asia we emphasize open, team-based collaboration, while also allowing designers to search for and realize their individual aspirations into distinguished solutions, reflecting our clients' culture, philosophy and brand image. Time, space and budget guidelines constantly push our teams to provide world-class design within a realistic framework.

          Zhuhai, China

          Image Gallery

          National Exhibition & Convention Center (Shanghai)

          Image Gallery

          National Exhibition & Convention Center (Shanghai)

          Image Gallery

          China National Convention Center

          Image Gallery

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