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          Exhibition Service & Green Materials Fair(Guangzhou) will be held 3-6 Mar, 2019 in China Import & Export Fair Complex (Pazhou). SYMA will show up in such a fair exclusive for exhibitor service suppliers. We sincerely invite you to visit us at booth A4, Hall 12.1. Let's start a new journey from here!

          Marcel Str?ssle, founder of SYMA, receives XAVER OF THE YEAR 2017

           foto 0156

          SYMA was delighted to welcome Federal Councillor Johann Schneider-Ammann, Head of the Federal Council of Economic Affairs, Education and Research, to its headquarters in Kirchberg. He had come to attend the Tagblatt Podium Discussion on Corporate Tax Reform III, organised by the Tagblatt newspaper and Mediapolis.

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          Many of the visitors to the Auto China 2016 were members of the business elite and a significant proportion of these were also advocates of new energies. The highly elegant Faraday stand captivated the attention of both this clientele as well as the huge numbers of interested visitors. At the heart of the stand was the FF Aero 1 concept electric vehicle, a super sports car with all-wheel drive.

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          New Events

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