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          Auto China 2016-- Faraday Future We are bringing the future forward

          Many of the visitors to the Auto China 2016 were members of the business elite and a significant proportion of these were also advocates of new energies. The highly elegant Faraday stand captivated the attention of both this clientele as well as the huge numbers of interested visitors. At the heart of the stand was the FF Aero 1 concept electric vehicle, a super sports car with all-wheel drive.

           01 faraday

           The Faraday stand focused on the power of future technologies.The Faraday stand focused on the power of future technologies.

          Futurist and full of contrasts

          The stand concept was futurist and full of contrasts. Black and white dominated. Vertically reflected slats formed a symbolic boundary to a secret world, behind which the potential of powerful new energies was demonstrated in the form of the FF Zero 1. This car is powered by four electric motors with an output of around 1000hp, capable of accelerating the vehicle to 60 mph (just under 100km/h) in less than three seconds. The maximum speed is over 320km/h.

          02 faraday

          03 faraday

          04 faraday

          A new generation of drive energyA new generation of drive energy

          The new FF Echelon Inverter was on display in one of the glass showcases. This inverter was developed and built from scratch without the use of prefabricated parts. A surprisingly small device, it was tailored entirely to the FF Zero 1 concert sports car, with the focus on dependability, ease of production and maximum energy density. Power is generated more efficiently, and the device has a low space requirement. The stand communicated these attributes boldly and appealingly.

          Realization: SYMA-Beijing



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